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So, what makes this different to other communities?

First of all, this is a community for women who ride, run by women who ride.

We wanna scrap the traditional cycling club model, and be more inclusive. It's a safe space to ask questions and get the support you need.

But we meet you where you are, and then help you to go beyond what you think you can do!

How much will it cost?

  • our launch price is £57/mo


Q: I can't always make the live classes. Are they recorded?

A: Heck yeah! We record every class (2x per week, 30mins) and add to a folder on Vimeo which you can access anytime, anywhere!

Q: I work a variety of shifts during the week and I dunno when I will get all my 30 min work outs in! What should I do? 

A: My advice is to look at your 30min workouts over a months view. So, for example, even if you do two strength in one week and none in another, you still got it done. 

Your ideal week is one core and one strength... but if you need to, prioritise the strength session. 

The strength workout isn't too strenuous either... it's not HIIT, so could be done even when you're "not feeling it" and will be over before you know it! It also shouldn't get you too sweaty if that helps to squeeze it in somewhere.

Q: If I don't have an indoor trainer, will I still be able to do the midweek rides?

A: Absolutely! These are simply to help get you in the habit of doing a midweek ride. If you don't have an indoor trainer at home, you could do a one-hour outdoor ride, use a gym bike, or join a spin class instead. When it comes to choosing your training plan, you have the option to choose one that only has outdoor rides.

Q: Will there be anything on nutrition and recovery included?

A: Definitely. Both are extremely important to us. Rest and recovery will be built into the training plan. There will also be a live workshop on nutrition and other important topics.

Q: What if I'm not doing Ride London?

A: That's fine too - we're going beyond Ride London. The program is for anyone looking to increase their distance this year. This might be working towards completing your first-century ride, or any other ride over about four hours.

Ready to join us?

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